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Moon Over the Brewery

Moon Over the Brewery by Bruce Graham

Miriam Lipsky, unmarried and living with her thirteen-year-old daughter, Amanda, works as a waitress to pay the bills, but it is her painting that really matters to her. Good subjects are scarce in the drab Pennsylvania coal town where they live, so Miriam dons a miner's lamp and paints at night, when moonlight softens and transforms the stark landscape. Miriam is also desirous of male companionship, a need which the precocious Amanda (she has an IQ of 160) has discouraged by driving away suitor after suitor with her barbed comments. Amanda, compensating for the lack of a father, has also created an imaginary friend, Randolph, who appears (only to her) in a resplendent white suit and provides mischievous advice and guidance. Matters come to a head when Miriam brings home Warren Zimmerman, a rather unprepossessing, somewhat paunchy mailman who, at first, appears to be a perfect target for Amanda's (and Randolph's) caustic remarks and demeaning intelligence tests. Until, that is, he quietly but firmly beats Amanda at her own game. In fact it is the surprisingly resourceful Warren who is able, at last, to wean Amanda away from her dependence on Randolph and into reality—and who, in time, may also be the one able to fill the aching needs of both Amanda and her lonely mother.

Maker Mondays

Maker Monday LogoJoin us every Monday in August for Maker Mondays. These DIY crafting events will be in the Learning Center from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and are open to ALL AGES! Clicking on the photo or the dates of the event will give you even more information.

August 4th: Learn the art of Glass Etching. Please bring a piece or two of clear glass to etch. A word of wisdom, flat edges are easier to etch.

August 11th: Join us in making toothbrush rugs. Don't worry, we don't make them out of toothbrushes, we just just something similar to help create the rugs. This event requires registration by July 31st and costs $5.00 (you need a special tool). You will need a few yards of fabric to get yourself started.

August 18th: Mini Book Charms will be on our minds. Having a love of reading can now be proudly displayed. Join us to learn how to make these cute little charms perfect for necklaces and bracelets. Everything will be provided by the library.

August 25th: Let's have a t-shirt party and make Freezer Paper T-shirts! You bring the Pre-washed (light colored) t-shirt and the idea and we will help you put it on a t-shirt.

The library has a display of all the projects so stop in to see them. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to Amanda at the library.

Movies @ the Library

Come to the library to enjoy a free movie. Doors open at 6:15pm and movies begin at 6:30pm. Use the back door marked Learning Center.

If you would like to know what movies are upcoming please CLICK HERE and visit our Movies @ SAPL page.